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Staple beers

​All our beers are brewed using traditional recipes.
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Haštal 12

Light lager


  This is a classic Czech Pilsner type lager. It is brewed with a double decoction giving it a full body with medium bitterness, whose high “drinkability” was the basic requirement in its design.

   It has a medium bite and, last but not least, its golden colour, together with the thick and stable head, making it very pleasing to the eye.

   The ingredients correspond to this type of beer. Light Czech (Pilsner) malt from the Bernard Rajhrad floor maltings house and a touch of caramel malt from the Soufflet Prostějov malt house. Hops exclusively from Žatec, varieties Sládek and Žatec poloranný Červeňák (Saaz). It is bottom fermented.

0,33 l, 0,7 l, 1 l, 5 l, KEG 30, KEG 50


Milo 10

Amber draught beer


  MILO 10 is a semi-dark draught beer designed for beer lovers. It has a full round body but retains a distinctive bitterness. It is a double decoction beer.
  This beer proves that even a ten-degree beer, with its lower alcohol content (3.9%), can be a very enjoyable experience 

  To guarantee the beer’s sensorial qualities, we used melanoid malt from the Weyermann malting plant. This amber special, with its suppression of the more pronounced caramel aroma and flavour, derives its colour from a set of four semi-dark malts including Weyermann Carared.
   We chose triple hopping with Vital, a hop variety grown in Žatec – thus it is in fact a “single-hop” beer.

0,33 l, 0,7 l, 1 l, 5 l, KEG 30, KEG 50


Godšalk 12



  A light Belgian ALE that follows the monastic tradition for beers known as Trappist. The Trappist monasteries in Belgium and Holland are the home for this kind of beer.
   These top-fermented beers are classified as an ABBEY ALE. They are characterised by higher bitterness, an earthy to grassy aroma in the hops used and the overall impression is rounded off by a distinctive, fruity taste and the aroma of Belgian top fermenting yeast. Interestingly enough, apart from the yeast, our Abbey is made entirely from Czech ingredients.


  PALE ALE malt from the Bernard Rajhrad malt house and the Sládek, Saaz and Kazbek hop varieties grown in Žatec. Fermented using the aforementioned top-fermenting yeast of Belgian provenience.

0,33 l, 0,7 l, 1 l, 5 l, KEG 30, KEG 50

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