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  Jde o nový "poddruh" amerického pivního stylu I.P.A.


  Toto pivo je silnější šestnáctka, ovšem s nižší hořkostí, mohutnějším, lehce nasládlým tělem a světlou, krásně zlatavou barvou. 


  Nižší až střední říz je pro toto pivo charakteristický. Vedle chmelového aroma dominují grep a mandarinka, mango a marakuja celkový dojem doplňují.

0,33 l, 0,7 l, 1 l, 5 l, KEG 30, KEG 50

I.P.A. 15




  For having “fifteen degrees”, it is a light beer with a noble colour (amber), high bitterness and a wide range of aromas ranging from resin to citrus to forest fruit. Everything is rounded off by the specific aroma of American top fermenting yeast. Rye is used here in the form of light and roasted malt and unmalted rye to lighten the body.
  Ale barley malt - Bernard Rajhrad malt house. The grist is completed by a pinch of semi-dark and dark malts - again from the Weyermann malt house. The bitterness and aroma are taken care of by the American hop varieties Simcoe, Chinook and Sorachi Ace.
   This beer has its origin in the USA, where the local brewmasters offer it in a plethora of variants.

0,33 l, 0,7 l, 1 l, 5 l, KEG 30, KEG 50

Vitus 14

A historical receipe


  The uniqueness of this beer brewed in the monastery brewery in Želiv is given by the historical recipe from 1626. It is an attempt to get as close as possible to historical beers. Indeed, the result is well worth a taste. In the old days, they often used cheaper wheat malt, which was dried using an open fire and was therefore slightly smoked. In days of yore, they also added herbs, spices and other similar additives to the beer.
  Thanks to the knowledge and art of our brewmaster, Jiří Kratochvíl, you can now carry away a harmony of flavours. In addition to the subtly smoked malt and hop components, you will taste fruity tones in the background with an earthiness and pleasant bitterness from sweet flag and wormwood.

0,33 l, 0,7 l, 1 l, 5 l, KEG 30, KEG 50

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