Tours of the brewery



    • A history of the monastery brewery

    • An explanation of the beer tree, which contains the basic types of beers produced around the world

    • An explanation of traditional Czech beer production

    • The technological procedure for brewing beer in the Želiv Monastery Brewery, a tour of the equipment

    • The control processes in beer production technology

    • A tasting of the beers


Minimum 5, maximum 15 people

130,- CZK / person

Experiential beer brewing


On the day of arrival:

  • Accommodation in our hotel

  • Start with an introduction to beer brewing technology

  • A tour of the monastery brewery

On the second day:

  • Brewing beer (strike water + malt, separating the wort from grains, the boiling, cooling, fermentation)

On the third day:

  • Bottling, labelling

  • A tour of the historical part of the monastery

  • Breakfast in the brewery - brewmasters treats

  • Lunch and dinner in the monastery dining room - the monastery menu with beer

  • Departure after lunch + a gift for the journey

  • Our brewmaster will accompany you throughout your stay

  • deBeer tasting during your stay as a matter of course - pack some work clothes and a good mood

Price depending on the type of accommodation

CZK 3.990,- to 4.990,- / person

Czech Beer | Monastery Brewery Želiv | Vysočina Region

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